April 20, 2015: Linn, Leta, and Buddy

We are saddened to say that our volunteer Kim has retired her mobile grooming unit Goober P’s Splash and Dash.

Since the Goober P mobile unit has been retired, many people are expressing their thanks to Kim and how they have grown to love and depend on her.

Thanks Kim for grooming and educating hundreds of pet owners in our target area.  Everyone already misses you but are glad to know that you will still be out on the street teams.

Here is Linn, Leta and Buddy, what a cool family.  Linn says he misses Kim and Goober P very much!!  Leta and Buddy are Linn’s darling little Chihuahua mixes that were also spayed and neutered through the Animal Care Network program.

Sue, thank you for clipping the little ones nails and for taking these beautiful photos of Linn and his dogs.


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