April 10, 2015: Monthly All About Spay Neuter Transport


Thanks to a life saving transport partnership with our friends at All About Animals, we were able to get 25 owned dogs and 8 owned cats spayed and neutered in one day!!! 33 dogs and cats from our target area!

The dogs and cats were safely and carefully transported from All About Animals Auburn Hills location to their facility in Warren where they had their surgery and spent the night to recover.

From eight week old puppies and kittens to older dogs and cats, from small breed to large breed, the transport vehicle was a full house!

A huge grateful, thank you to everyone at All About Animals from the admin staff to the veterinarian team for their professionalism, organizational skills and compassionate care of each and every animal.

Another extra thanks to Bill the transport driver who treats every puppy, kitten, dog and cat with extra love and kindness. This is a very heavy burden on the transport drivers to get every animal safely and patiently loaded, unloaded and transported safely. Many of the animals may be a little nervous and frightened and the All About Animals entire team handles them wonderfully!

Another thank you to the pet owners that believe in spay and neuter and took advantage of this program to get their pets fixed, young and old alike. And thanks to our volunteer Sue for her consistent help and dedication in getting some of the animals to the Auburn Hills location. Seven of the households had multiple pets fixed so imagine how many litters this one day has prevented in our little corner of the world!!

Spay and neuter is the key to achieving everyone’s goal of No More Homeless Pets and to decrease the pet overpopulation…so days like this are so, so rewarding. Great, great job everyone involved!!!


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