September 12, 2014: Hot Summer Kitten Rescue

The hot summer heat and flies can cause many problems for outdoor animals if not taking proper care.

The flies feed on outdoor dogs and cats and thrive on open wounds, garbage and feces that is not cleaned up.

This poor little kitten was left by a dumpster and found his way into a local pizza parlor who called for help. He had open wounds and his rear end was infected, bloody and inflamed.

This is very graphic but this is reality. This kitten was covered with maggots outside and inside and this had taken a toll on his frail body. Sadly the decision was made to have him humanely euthanized due to his extreme poor condition.

If he would have been taken to an animal shelter or rescue group, this could have been avoided. So many people are completely negative about animals shelters, but wouldn’t that have been a better option for this poor little soul?

We think so! Better to be safe, fed and watered at an animal shelter than to suffer like this, no question!



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