December 1, 2014: Small Dog Explosion

Not only is there a problem with pit bulls and backyard dogs in our target area, there is a problem with small dogs.

People are breeding anything small with anything small, mixing and matching, to get all of these “designer” breeds, some think it is cute, some are simply trying to make money off of them.

Little dogs are everywhere too, running the streets, being abandoned and being passed from home to home and taken to local shelters.

The Animal Care Network is tackling this problem too by getting as many small dogs spayed and neutered as possible.  Many of the small females have trouble giving birth and results can be deadly.

Here are some of our recent “little” spay neuter recipients.

Every single dog and cat that gets fixed, regardless of breed or size, makes a difference!!

Just because they are small doesn’t mean they don’t need to be spayed and neutered also!!!

Small dog Explosion

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