April 17, 2014: Another Successful Spay and Neuter Transport

Another successful spay and neuter transport clinic thanks to partnership with the Michigan Animal Rescue League and All About Animals. These clinics are also funded by Animal Care Network and Michigan Animal Rescue League.

These monthly spay neuter clinics are absolutely amazing, well done and are so worth the work in getting all these animals booked in and transported to the All About Animals
Auburn location and then to All About Animals Warren location.

Forty dogs and cats were spayed and neutered from the Pontiac area and many received much needed lifesaving vaccines.

ACN and MARL have been participating in these All About Animal monthly transports since October 2013 and they are just wonderful, productive and a huge step in the right direction to No More Homeless Pets and decreasing the pet overpopulation.

Check out everyone hard at work!!!! And a bonus, ALL the dogs and cats made it except for two, which we rescheduled!!!

Thank you Kathy, Deb, Amy, Megan, Bill, Mark, Dawn, Sue and everyone at All About Animals and MARL that are involved in this worthwhile community effort.

Also thank you to all the pet owners for believing in spay and neuter and not adding to an already overwhelming problem.

Every single dog and cat that gets fixed makes a difference!!

Another job well done!!!

April 17 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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