July 9, 2013: Summer Cuts

Unfortunately many of the dogs in our target areas live outside; some are chained, some are not, some have doghouses, others have nothing. The Animal Care Network is on the streets checking on animals and educating the community about proper pet care and spay/neuter seven days a week!

We always alert the community about the hot and cold weather for outdoor animals by word of mouth and through the media.

Some addresses are better than others and here is one of the better stories. Sadly we don’t always have happy, positive tales, but this one made us smile.

These two older chows have lived outside the majority of their life. They always have food and water, straw in the winter and come to our vaccination clinics every year.

During this heat, the team stopped to check on them and were pleasantly surprised when we saw their new “summer cuts”! The owner said she promised when she got her taxes back she was going to have them groomed and shaved down to the summer.

She actually took them in and had them heartworm tested, shaved, and bathed.

The guys were feeling pretty good without their thick Chow fur and it was nice to see that the owner was concerned and did something about.

July 9 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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