January 8, 2013: Before and after……

The ACN continues to find dogs living in airline carriers outside, owners utilizing these as
doghouses. So frustrating how people could think that this is “adequate” or “shelter”
for a dog. These carriers are not a doghouse, they have vents and openings on all
sides and cannot keep out the rain or snow.

Perfect example, an ACN volunteer noticed this dog with a carrier serving as a doghouse.
The team stopped, made contact with the owner who provided proof that the dog
was spayed. The ACN provided a new doghouse on a pallet filled with straw and we think
she likes it. What a difference don’t you think? Zayda is loving her new house.

In a perfect world this dog would be living inside, but it is not a perfect world is it?

See below state and local ordinances

State of Michigan
(j) “Shelter” means adequate protection from the elements and weather conditions suitable for the age, species, and physical condition of the animal so as to maintain the animal in a state of good health. Shelter, for livestock, includes structures or natural features such as trees or topography. Shelter, for a dog, includes 1 or more of the following:
(i) The residence of the dog’s owner or other individual.
(ii) A doghouse that is an enclosed structure with a roof and of appropriate dimensions for the breed and size of the dog. The doghouse shall have dry bedding when the outdoor temperature is or is predicted to drop below freezing.
(iii) A structure, including a garage, barn, or shed, that is sufficiently insulated and ventilated to protect the dog from exposure to extreme temperatures or, if not sufficiently insulated and ventilated, contains a doghouse as provided under subparagraph (ii) that is accessible to the dog.

City of Pontiac
(a) No dog kennels, houses, yards, pens, coops or runs may be located:
(1) In the front yard of a residential lot, tract or parcel;
(2) Within ten feet of a side or rear lot line; or
(3) Within 20 feet of an adjacent residential structure.
(b) All doghouses shall be centered in a strategically located place to provide adequate shade in the summer months and shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, devoid of rodents, vermin, debris and excrement, and free from objectionable odors.
(c) A doghouse or other suitable shelter shall be provided for any dog left outside for more than three hours.


January 8  PicMonkey Collage

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