February 24, 2013: Rescue litter


Here are three litters of puppies rescued on an ACN run.  Once again, mom and dad dogs were spayed and neutered through the program unless they are surrendered too.

One of our biggest goals in 2013 is to reach these people before these animals are pregnant and before these puppies are born.

Our teams are out everyday to get the word out about spay and neuter.

Huge obstacles:

“We just want her to have one litter”.

A few weeks ago, we had at least five people in one neighborhood say that,
which means fifty plus puppies in that neighborhood soon.

“It was an accidental litter” or “We didn’t think she could get pregnant”.

Last week we picked up a litter of puppies born from a mother and son dog.  We were told “We didn’t think the son could get the mother pregnant”.  This family also gave up the mother and father dogs. What a tragedy.  This was the poor mother dog’s third litter and then all of them are given up!  These puppies should have never been born.

If only they knew how much this mentality contributes to the pet overpopulation and animal homelessness. So, so frustrating. We work like crazy to try and get through to people!

February 24 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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