August 23, 2013: Busy Spay Neuter Week

Another very productive, busy week for spay and neuter in Pontiac!

In one day, the ACN had eighteen dogs and cats spayed at low or no cost for pet owners in our target area. Transportation was also provided to get these animals to the veterinarian and to take them all home the next day. Everyone did great! A big thank you to All About Animals and Ross Hospital for Animals for accommodating all of these animals.

We also were happy to fix four female Chihuahuas from one household and seven cats from another household.

Also thank you to Latashia Sawyer for connecting and communicating with this family on the streets during our 1st Annual Cindy Merz run! While at other addresses, Latashia approached other pet owners and told them about the program and it paid off.

We feel it ALWAYS pays off to talk to anybody and everybody while out on the streets about spay and neuter!!!

Great teamwork everybody!

August 23 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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