October 19, 2012: Abandoned

Fred, a retriever mix, was left chained up in the backyard for days after his owners moved.

Yes, another family leaves their pet behind with no intention of calling someone for help and certainly no intention of coming back for the pet.

99 percent of the time when ACN is alerted to these abandoned animals it is by neighbors, family members or concerned citizens and we are always extremely thankful to them. Rarely does an owner call to have the animal picked up, how pathetically sad is that? What do they think will happen if no one else steps in?

A neighbor actually went and got poor Fred and took him home to their house until ACN arrived. He was extremely hungry and thirsty with hair loss and cuts all over.

Fred is now available for adoption at the Michigan Animal Rescue League and enjoys relaxing on his bench instead of waiting in the backyard for someone to come and help him.


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