March 21, 2012: Other reasons to spay and neuter your dog

Another huge plus to spaying and neutering is it decreases the urge
to run. With many female dogs in heat right now, the male dogs
will do anything to get out. Climbing fences, jumping fences,
digging out, breaking chains, etc. They can get the scent of a female in heat
for quite a distance, thus increasing the chances of being hit by a
car or attacked by other dogs that are roaming.
These are two dogs that ACN rescued, one hit by car and the other
was attacked by a roaming stray.
These were two very, very sad cases in which the injuries were life threatening.
In both cases the injuries had been left unattended for so long, serious infection
and damage had already been done.
Both of these cases could have potentially been avoided by spay/neuter, being
responsible and keeping a close eye on your dog!

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