April 21, 2012: Pontiac Vaccine Clinic – Thank you volunteers!

Wow! Another successful Pontiac vaccination clinic hosted by the Animal Care Network!

We are all so proud of this event, again we had pet owners from all over Michigan that came. What an amazing and dedicated cast of characters that we have volunteering at this event and we greatly appreciate each and every one of you!!! We are so fortunate to have you on our team and could not pull off this event without you!

We are happy to report that 986 dogs and cats were vaccinated in 4 hours; Oakland County Animal Control sold500 dog licenses on-site!

ACN also had 9 dogs and cats surrendered by pet owners that could not keep them.Let us thank the Michigan Animal Rescue League for sending people during the day to pick up these animals and get them settled at the shelter!

I just want to really mention some stand outs on this incredible day:

Dr. Tim, and Dr. Jim, such awesome bedside manner and patience with each and every pet and their owners
Dave Coleman and his team for helping us host this event, getting prepared and setting up 
Mike Ono for letting us use the Glenwood Plaza for this Event 
Ken Snow and Hagopian for assisting with the loading and vehicle usage for this event
Erika, Kim and their team for manning the cat, multi-pet tables, drive ups and also the courier service 
Cindy and Tasha for transporting over 20 pet owners and their dogs and cats who could not find a ride or are handicapped 
The front end team, Marie, Ken Snow, Rose, Dan, ticket holders, runners and registration team for keeping everything flowing smoothly and under control
Nicole for manning the deworming table! 
The mixing girls – Janet, Jan, Cathy, Lori and Team
Shari, Anthony and the team for manning the “free goodies” table and making sure every pet owner left with some treats for their animals
Ken Nash, our always faithful scooper!
Everyone that came from the community to help volunteer! 
Karen and Hungry Howies for supplying lunch, pizza and pop for all the volunteers
The Oakland Press and Pontiac News for always promoting and publishing this event! 
Thank you, thank you!

We hope to see you all on Saturday, October 13, 2012!



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