April 13, 2013: Kitten season is upon us

Many people might not realize this, but in our target areas, it’s always kitten season. Always Open Season for roaming cats to give birth to kittens who will most likely become too feral to catch, despite any attempt made by someone feeding them. It’s a very small window of opportunity…befriending a kitten before she scurries off and becomes completely feral.

Attempts have been made by 2 different houses to get some fixed, but a few always get missed. Hence the very pregnant one you see. We are determined to catch her before she gives birth and remaining optimistic that we will.

Your donations help ensure that we can help keep the people we find feeding stray cats stocked with food. As well as help us pay for not only the cost of surgery, but the gas we will go through driving the cats to and from the vet!

Thank you, as always, for ANYTHING you donate:) There is nothing “too small.”

April 13 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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