“Cat Man” desperately tries to find new homes for the cats he has rescued – March 15, 2013

“Cat Man” desperately tries to find new homes for the cats he has rescued

Posted: 03/15/2013
  • By: Ronnie Dahl, Reporter
PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) – Stray cats used to run wild in one Pontiac neighborhood, until the “Cat Man” moved in.He has rescued dozens of felines, but now, he has to find all of them good homes.

Arnold Kuerbitz has a soft spot for felines.

White cats, striped cats, spotted cats – he loves them all.

“They comfort me so much, they do so much for me and I could not turn a cat away.” And, he hasn’t.

Arnold, known as the “Cat Man,” rescued CC the church cat a few years ago.

The next thing he knew, he had a house full of felines.

“People are abandoning them, they move and leave their cats behind. Come on, how can you leave something like this behind?”

Arnold needs to find a new place to live. He is being treated for throat cancer, and can no longer afford rent at his Pontiac house.  He knows wherever he ends up,  his cartel of cats won’t be welcome.

“All they need is somebody to say… you are mine, I love you… it’s going to love you back.”

Pam Porteous is with the Animal Care Network, an organization that helps low-income families care for their animals.

“Everyone of these cats has been rescued off the streets from bad situations,” says Porteous.

While it’s never recommended for a person to own so many cats, Arnold’s rescue efforts have helped control the pet population in this Pontiac neighborhood.

All of these cats have been spayed & neutered. They are friendly, and affectionate—but finding them all homes will be a challenge.

“The shelters and rescue groups are packed with cats and kittens, so to be able to find homes for a large amount of cats at one time is difficult,” Pam says.

Arnold’s time with his cats is coming to an end. He has maybe a month to 45 days to find a new place to live, and to find new owners for the cats.

“These cats are my babies, you think I want to give them up?: I don’t, it kills me, but I have to do it.”

The “Cat Man’”s  last act of love–pleading to the public and cat lovers  to make room in their hearts  and homes for a furry friend.

If you are interested in adopting one of the cats, you can contact the Animal Care Network at 248-678-2756 or visit www.michigananimaladoptionnetwork.org


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